YouTube Ranking Blueprint with Boris Savransky and Alex Zubarev

This is the first in a series of three videos.

Not sure if I’ll be able to get the second and third videos but I’ll try ;)

9 places to optimise a keyword in a YouTube video?? WOW

Boris says the real juice happens in the live google hangouts.

He says it may work best and quickest in a brand new YouTube account.

Because your video is being recorded on the Google+ platform on to the YouTube platform (also owned by Google), the Google search engine will rank it highly!

Do a LIVE google hangout - talking video screen, group talking, screen share, powerpoint, …. anything. The content will help convert leads, but no matter what the content is, it will rank highly on both YouTube search AND Google search.

Plus, you show up as a video in search and take up more room on the search results. You are more visible, even if not in top spot.

Social Bookmarking Sites to Use to Rank Your Videos:

  • Get a free Wordpress blog.
  • Get a free Tumblr blog account.
  • Get a free Blogger account - another Google product!
  • ¬†This sytem is very powerful with Empower Network blog - high authority site.

Make posts in all 4 authority sites above with title of your keyword and link to your video.

Make videos using long tail keywords. If you do many with similar long tail keywords such as “make money online from home in New York”, “make money easily from Los Angeles at home”, etc, you will eventually start to show up in searches for "make money", one of the highest competition keywords.

The positions achieved in search will “stick”, not disappear after a few months.

You can start a live Google Hangout with zero audience - talk as if you have a massive audience because it will get thousands of views once it reaches position 1 in YouTube and Google search.

You could start a Google Hangout and show a Powerpoint series with you talking over. You could even do that with music, letting your viewers just read your text.

This system generates unbelievable leads cos they are so targeted.

I’m so excited and can’t wait for the next 2 videos from Boris and Alex on YouTube Ranking Blueprint!

 ~Sue Tamani

YouTube Ranking Video